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We’d like to introduce you the founder and idea behind Brainbow...

I am Barbara Bessenyei, a passionate pricing professional, with more than 8 years experience in pricing and product management implementing countless successful pricing and product intro projects in different industries.


I found my passion in pricing, which sounds weird but I just love to help new business founders, startups with the right pricing plan or managers & directors in the corporate world. I become excited whenever I can help to grow an idea to a wonderful profitable blossoming business.


I believe that everything has a price and I am ready to find it for your business. Not just a price, but the perfect price that will help to lead profit growth and quit decisions with a happy smile not leaving any single cent on the table.

My dream is to share knowledge, connect minds: one with expertise and another with the need of knowledge. It is the vision of BrainBow, this is why we stand.



I am passionate about and committed to  each project I undertake. This is my why...


I won`t settle until I find a real solution working for You. 


I can look at any challenge in a pragmatic way.


I have seen A LOT in pricing world...know what problems to prioritize to solve and how to tackle them.

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